Here's a few links you might find useful.
Degutopia's online group. Join up (free!) to download research papers, photos, post questions and meet other members, as well as search for degus looking for homes worldwide. Also contains a large exotic specialist vets database.
Degu Mania: Talk to other degu owners, share photos and join in degu competitions!

>Degu Adoptions and Rescues<
Little Bites is a fantastic degu rescue, run by Peggy and Nigel. You can find out more under Degutopia's 'Degu Adoption' menu, but this link takes you to their group and forum on Facebook.
Search for a pet online.

Rodent re-homing.
Search for rodent rescue centres around the UK.

>Degu Shopping<
Online pet supplies and stockists of the degu-suitable 'Wodent Wheel'.
Online UK pet shop with a fantastic name!
Supreme Petfood's homepage- makers of Gerty Guineapig and the finely chopped straw bedding.
Makers of a great wheel suitable for degus in the UK (and cages, too!). John has custom made cages for us in the past which are amazing- why not drop him an e-mail if you have something in mind?
Farewell sets and sympathy for departed pets.

EquineCanineFeline Pet and Small Animal Products
Visit EquineCanineFeline's fantastic online pet shop (click the banner) for great value degu toys and hammocks (our degus love them!).
Rache does some fantastic hammocks for degus via her online site, they're hand sewn by her and extremely robust for even the most determined degus! Plus she's always doing charity auctions for animal rescues, and there's a lot more than hammocks available on her site. Our degus personally recommend Fuzzbutt Snoozecubes...
This online shop sells top-quality dust-extracted meadow and Timothy hay (and straw, too). Our degus are crazy about it! They deliver direct to your door and prices include postage- each box of hay is really compressed so it is good value for money. For a degu (or owner!) with allergies it is well worth paying a bit more for this hay, and it even encourages picky hay eaters to tuck in- our degus highly recommend it!
Amy supplies made-to-order accessories for degus and other small furries, pick and choose your own designs!

Small Animal Bedding
For a great alternative, low-dust bedding, try Finacard for your degus.
Chinchillas 2 Shop is a fab site with all sorts of goodies, not only for chins but for degus, too! All degu-safe products are clearly marked, and there's plenty to choose from including treats, toys and chewables.

Pet Supplies
The Net Pet Shop has a good range of recommended degu feeds, plus a wide selection of degu toys at good prices.
Home 2 Roost offer some fabulous degu palaces, why not visit their site if you're looking for a degu cage?
Bex bakes some splendiferous treats especially designed for degus (and chins, too!). Her shop is well worth a visit if your degus need some delicious enrichment!
The hay experts are just that, and if you're stuck for a place to buy high-quality hay of all types and sizes, this is the place to go! They also stock some wonderful, natural products suitable for degus, well worth a look!

The Orchard Farm on Ebay
Anita hand picks the finest organic dried herbs and creates the most wonderful-smelling mixes that your degus will absolutely love (our degus do!). All the Orchard Farms herbs have the Degutopia 'degu-friendly' seal of approval.

>Science and Research<
Online research paper abstract library- free access to a wide selection of scientific paper abstracts.
Huge database of full text journal articles.
Homepage of the Revista Chilena de Historia Natural- Chile's biological publication.
Journal database with large back catalogue.
International Veterinary Information Service- fantastic information with free subscription.
Some degu information relating to research, full text articles.

>Veterinary Practices<
*Please note that a full list of recommended degu vets around the world can be found via our Yahoo group (database menu).
Knaresborough, North Yorkshire (UK).
Sevenoaks, Kent (UK).
Milwaukee and Oshkosh, Wisconsin (USA). Dr. Dale Kressin specialises in dentistry and has a track record with treating degu dental problems.

>Other Degu Pages<

NOTE: Degutopia is not responsible for the content of other degu websites and as such does not endorse any information provided by them. Care should be taken when browsing such sites, especially where information and advice given is not referenced. If in doubt, ask us for advice.
This site deserves a visit if you want to know how much power a degu can generate in their wheel?!

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